About Us

Hotopixs is the best viral videos, photos, and articles curated for you—the hip person who doesn’t have time to click through hundreds of websites. We here at Hotopixs constantly sift through viral content and put the best-of-the-best on this website. We have it all including cute pet photos, sexy celebrities, funny pranks, OMG fails, awesome art, insane beauty tips, cool tattoos, and yummy food porn.

Our posts will run you through a roller coaster of extremes: one viral video will have you mesmerized and then the next crazy video will send your adrenaline racing. You will have a good cry at some of our heartwarming stories, our food photos will make you want to lick your screen, and you will actually laugh out loud and ROTFLMAO!

Since you are here on Hotopixs we know that you are the influencer in your group, please feel free to share these awesome pieces of viral pop culture on your social media with your friends.

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